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What is Laser Cutting Machine?

Laser cutting machine is a machine that gives electricity to the source of laser in which glass or metal tubes and allowing it to become ray state, than, moving that ray with the help of mirrors and lenses on to the material like metal, wooden or glass and cutting or scraping according to the desired measures.


Laser cutting machine mainly consist of five parts.

  • Source of laser
  • Body of the machine
  • Moving engines
  • Cooling, Power Supply and Vacuum Engine
  • Control Card


Laser source of the laser machine can be metal tube or glass tube. The ones which have glass tubes are used for the cutting of wooden, leather and fabric. The ones which have metal tubes are used for metal materials.

According to size of the machine and desired velocity of the laser cutting machine, two kinds of engines are used. Step Engines and Servo Engines. These engines provide the movements of the laser head while cutting the drawing which is sent from computer to the machine.

Laser cutting machine is very common in many industries because of its advantages like no mold cost, flawless workmanship and fast labor.