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What is Vector Graphics?

What is Vector File?

Vector is a graphic design which is designed from computer independently from pixels and created with the mathematical locutions and it lets designers scaling to different size without corruptions. Instead of designing with pixels vector graphics are designed with the real dimensions we use in the World, so when you zoom in or resize them you don’t face with pixelation problem. Since vector graphics are not limited with pixel values, they are preferred in graphic and drawing stages. For example, let’s say you create a logo with pixels and then you want to use that logo on a sign of a store. When you enlarge the logo to the size of that sign you will have pixelation problem and your design will lose its quality. On the other hand, since vector graphics are independent from pixels you will not have pixelation problem if you scale the logo to the size of sign. To sum up, if we consider these features of vector graphics, they are not only convenient for computer environment but also they are important for the real world.